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“Cyberspace is not a place you go to but rather a layer tightly integrated into the world around us” Institute For The Future

Concept Exploration

Last two weeks, I did several concept experiments of my future product. Since I did rough wireframe of iphone app last semester, I use it at my start point and play it a little more. Instead of hastily jumping into feature design, I put effort to setup a tone, a perception I want to address in the prototype. I believe “delight”, and “serendipity” are most important feeling I want to my user, parent could take it out by playing the app.

After talking with my thesis advisor, Sylvia, I was inspired and encouraged to bring metaphor in the concept design. Some sketches of ideal humanity connection between parent and the product.


A hierarchy of some key features. The left column is a serendipity experience, when parent are too tired to think of what they should play, they choose this one. It’s like a “concierge experience”. You answer simple question, then got some serendipity ideas. 


The is one of  ”concierge experience” I imagined, which I use metaphor of balloon. 


Another idea. I use metaphor of dewy drop. I had this idea since last semester, dewy drop is small, transparent and adorable. Each small, quick idea is analogous to dewy drop, every small drop could bring parent and children a happy moment, but accumulatively, it could be long-term happy, it alternatively becomes happy memory. It also invisibly nourishes their relationship.  


Weeks ago, I stumbled upon an program for toddler parents’ at an independent bookstore at Prince street. Parents there, besides their babies were so happy to hang out, talk and laugh. 


As seen on the ever-brilliant Adverblog (a big inspiration for the creation of this site – is it possible to have a crush on a website? I guess if it’s OK to want to make sweet, sweet love to cars (link SFW), then it must be fine), a German science magazine for children has taken a unique approach to teaching kids about climate change.”  

Thanks Nikki’s recommendation. It is brilliant hands-on collaborative game for kids to understand certain serious topic. 


I have made a paper box game, picture and description will be here soon, but I’m eager to hear Minnie’s feedback first. I have an another idea which I think it’ll be more attractive to Jua. 


Why kids are so interested in playing paper box?

Some exciting thought was lingering in my mind, I was so happy to have a talk with Minnie about her cute toddler, Jua’s new game last night. Meanwhile, she told me several times that Jua was so interested in playing gift box instead of gift/toy inside. She’s looking for a good way to hack mountains of paper box at her home. I made a quick note of that.

Coincidentally, I found some parents’ answers about why Kids are so interest about cardboard box, so interesting to read them.

 When James Cantorna received an inflatable ball pit for Christmas, the Palos Park, IL, 3-year-old was thrilled with his new plaything — the box it arrived in. “He climbed in it, put it over his head, and put all kinds of toys inside that box, and all the while the ball pit just sat there,” recalls his mom, Melanie. So why do kids love boxes?

  • "Because a box is so open-ended, it can be anything your child wants it to be," says Tovah Klein, Ph.D., director of the Barnard College Center for Toddler Development in New York City.
  • Kids this age are curious, but they also love the familiar. A new toy can have a different shape, color, and sound, and that may be enough to propel your toddler back to the simple (and familiar) pleasure of the box.
  • Toddlers are fascinated with opening and closing, hiding and finding, and placing items in and taking them out of things; a single box lets your child do all of that. It also lets him learn about — and control —the separation process: He knows that even though he can’t see what he just put in there, it’s still there.
  • Many kids love to climb into boxes because a small space makes them feel protected. Says Klein: “The world is a big place, and boxes are little places that give toddlers a feeling of security.”

Reflection of Thesis Goal and Statement

My latest reflection of my thesis goal and statement

Design-related Goal
MY GOAL IS to raise awareness and confidence FOR parents and their children to build close emotional relationships, by inspiring them to engage in accessible, fun activities. I WILL ACHIEVE THIS BY intervening one on one time parent spending with their kids, such as feeding time, bath time or bedtime(approximately from 5 mins to half of an hour) AS WELL AS showing several case studies from real parents, providing a service based on their insights and finally using a example to articulate the experience.

Thesis Statement
FOR busy (working) parents,
WHO have limited time (energy, competence, money, etc),
X(service name) is a service that inspires parents to have fun, home activities with kids, alternatively it could become an conversation/joyful-time trigger for parents and kids.
UNLIKE any DIY program at after school, it’s a close time exclusively designed for parents and kids, it always has flexible option for every parent to initiate an fun activity in limited time, it has bunch of inspiring examples rather than templates.
UNLIKE DIY.org, it’s not only a platform to show off projects, but a tool about awareness, self-learning, and adjusting for young parents who play a key role for their kids emotional health.

It’s always good to reframe goals and look back when feeling lost.

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